Monitoring, management, logs and alerts for Docker

Whether you are running a single host or a large cluster

The Meros Graphical User Interface Makes It Easy.

Manage clusters

Whether you are running a single Docker Host or a large cluster, we offer DevOps tools for your Docker environment.

Inspect containers and images

No more dealing with command line Docker tools. Get all the information about Docker hosts, containers and images right in our web console.

Analytics dashboards

We offer insightful and important metrics and analytics about your Docker environment, allowing you to debug, test, and maintain a solid production system.

Image garbage collection

Docker containers and hosts collect garbage. Keep your environment clean with our Image Garbage Collection tools.

Remote Access Containers

Run a terminal session at any time to remote into a container.

Collect and analyze logs

Collect, analyze and search on logs from a central view.
Tools like Tutum and others are great, but more focused on deployment and orchestration. Meros, on the other hand, fills a critical gap in the market with a full-stack monitoring, log and event management UI. It's dead-simple to use, beautifully engineered and incredibly useful. A happy beta tester
There are no enterprise-grade tools available that simply focus on containers. There are plenty of small open-source projects; there are also bigger solutions which are a bit overkill for monitoring and log management. So Meros is really welcome. It's a great tool.  Another happy beta tester

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