Totally free while in beta

Once Meros is in production, you'll automatically be moved to our Free plan (don't worry, we'll give you plenty of notice).


While in beta
Unlimited hosts
Unlimited containers
Unlimited images
Unlimited logs
Unlimited alerts


For sales or other inquiries, please contact us.

When will Meros be GA? 

We expect to be GA in early Spring 2016. 

What's in the free plan? 

After we go to GA, all current beta testers will be moved to our free plan (we'll give you plenty of notice). While the details are not fully fleshed-out, the free plan will likely include limited retention periods for metrics and log data; and a limit on the number of hosts being monitored. 

Can I run Meros on-premise? 

Meros is a SaaS solution, storing data securely in our AWS account. It's not designed to be an on-premise solution, but that may change. Please give us feedback on your thoughts on this. 

What is your SLA?

During our public beta period we do not offer a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Sounds awesome. Where do I register? 

We agree! You can register here

How am I billed?

During our public beta period Meros is FREE!